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Integrating deep experiences ranging from fundamental university level, to analytics, data management, prototyping, manufacturing development and product verification in order to support innovation and enterprise initiatives.

Assistance to cultivate technology-based solutions in your innovation strategies, that are enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Collaboration networks help to build a sustainable innovation culture controlling and integrating internal core competences, ideas and resources supported by external sources.

Assistance to reach your targets more efficient by including and integrating a richer and more energetic pool of knowledge and experts in the critical and complex stages of processes from idea to product.

Identifying and filling in the gaps in your technology strategy and to find solutions to overcome limiting barriers of critical transition stages.

Collaboration with experts working with state of the art multi-physics simulation and modelling, which can save time and resources in your development work and furthermore lead to more optimal solutions.

With a long background in high technology industry as well as the university world NCCI is consulting on strategic planning, management and leadership of complex technology projects. Based on many years of real world experience and expertise NCCI can assist to guide you in the decision making process and to support your case.
  • Working with enterprises to identify solutions to expedite innovative initiatives to build sustainable growth

  • Identify solutions to challenges in material selection and advanced product development

  • Technology transfer from science to technology and industrial development

  • Working with organizations to put the right people, technologies and organizational design in place to improve the success rate of complex technology projects

  • Technology scouting and identification of global networks to increase efficiency and effectiveness in development and execution

  • Supporting managers to recognize and incorporate external knowledge and ideas

  • Supporting managers to clarify and to manage complexity in technology strategies

  • Supporting managers to define and elucidate the road from idea to product

  • Lecturing.

From idea to product

"Sustainable innovation takes place across boundaries, and innovation management is dealing with control of networks reinforcing collaboration across boundaries critical for organizational benefit".

Niels Christiansen

Innovation culture

A diagnostic of innovation and strategy provides insight into strengths and weaknesses and helps to reveal how the organizational culture hinders or support innovation.
Value innovation through an integrated approach.
State of the art multi-physics simulation and modelling.
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